I may be a little behind the curve with this post but I wanted to share one of my main New Years resolutions.  No New Clothing. Not a single piece.

Everyone I’ve told immediately displays a look of horror and says “That’ll be impossible. I could never do that!”  When I ask them why, they don’t seem to have an explanation.

Shopping has become more of an activity than anything else.  Bored on a Saturday? Go to the mall and buy a few things that you might wear a handful of times before they get lost in your closet and forgotten.  Nearly every event, people feel this sense of invisible pressure to buy a new outfit because how could you possibly attend a party or event wearing something you’ve worn last year or to a different party last month.  It all seems absurd.  My closet is overflowing and I refuse to utter the words “I have nothing to wear.”

I’ve done some soul searching in the last few months and come to the realization that no one cares what I do or don’t do, what I wear or don’t wear.  While that sounds like a negative thing, I find it empowering.  Once I freed myself from that burden of wanting consistent approval, I went like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I can wear those $4 purple pants that I absolutely love to dinner and guess what, no one cares!  As a matter of fact when I started wearing all of my favorite things out in public I got more compliments than I ever imagined.

I’ve researched capsule wardrobes and while I would love to work within that construct I’m going to give myself some time.  Ease into that process.  Minimalism is the dream in my head but I’m not going to force myself to throw all of my belongs away and sit in an empty apartment.  I’ll work towards it and I think a year of less spending will be a good start.

We only have one life to do everything we want to do so I refuse to waste another second worrying about what other people think of my choices.

I was the Maid of Honor for my beautiful best friend and loved our purple bridesmaid dresses! October 2015
I wore my bridesmaid dress to a friend’s wedding.  I felt so fancy and it fit like a glove! September 2016.

-Mrs. Cuddle Fish


Apartment Trap

Picking out a place to live is difficult. Apartment contracts make me feel like I’m on a merry-go-round.  Every year I have to rethink my budget, my commute, and how much space I can live with.  It’s exhausting!  We wish we could move into a house or townhouse but with my job being potentially in limbo it makes it impossible to narrow down a permanent location.  The Metro D.C. area makes me feel like I need to sell an organ to be able to afford some space to put my clothes, a parking spot for my car, and still eat food everyday.

On a more positive note, I force myself to remember how excited we were when we moved into our first apartment together.  We were so excited to have a space to call our own.  We were overjoyed to simply be together and I don’t want to lose sight of that happiness.

Living in a 400 square foot apartment for two years has taught my husband and I some valuable lesson about each other and about life.
1. We are almost perfect opposites.  He’s the spender and I’m the saver. He’s the clean one while I’m more laid back about cleanliness, etc.  On that note, our small apartment gets dirty quickly but it’s also easy to clean.  Only a few minutes of concentration and it’s spic and span.
2. I would much rather have experiences than material things.  I don’t need space for things to make me happy.  I vow to never own a storage unit, EVER!
3. Never take a washer and dryer for granted.  They are magical machines.
4. We are forever indebted to Command Strips, magical products.
5. Ice is a luxury item.

How do you feel about apartment living?  What lessons have you learned?  Was your first apartment a cubicle like ours?

-Mr. and Mrs. Cuddle Fish


Back on track for 2017

Almost two years ago, we moved in together and realized how expensive food is.  Calling our initial budget a shoe string budget is putting it lightly.  Needless to say we were eating plenty of oatmeal and rice in the beginning and lost more than a few pounds.  Things have vastly improved since then but I’ll never look at oatmeal the same way.

I got graduated in May 2016 with my Bachelors degree!
Some said I’d never be able to find a “real” job with my degree but I did.  Jokes on them for taking classes they thought were boring but somehow still more valuable than my choices.
Not everyone sees the value in a minor but I think minors are a way to explore different paths without the commitment of changing your major.  My double minor made my resume more interesting and was one of the main reasons my bosses noticed my resume in the first place.  They thought it showed my work ethic and depth.

Go Mason!

We got married 0n September 4th, 2016!  It was a perfect day!  The amount of love and support we received from our friends and family was overwhelming and we are forever grateful.

Dylan will be graduating in May 2017 and has already found his dream job.  He’s a Security Engineer AKA a Hacker!  He loves what he does so much that I’m sure he would work for free if he had to.  I’m so happy that he has something that he loves.  His company is a dream come true and they will support his growth in whatever direction he wants to go at the pace of his choosing.

I could never forget to mention that we got a cat and he’s the most perfect feline.  Lovie is his name and he’s a cuddle bug.

I can’t help but share some of our wedding photos.  I’m obsessed!  Our photographers were Birds a Feather Photography and I can’t recommend them enough! 9416View More: for catching up with us!
-Mr. and Mrs. Cuddle Fish

Stability is overrated.

I’ve always crazed stability, which could seem comical when looking over my past. I changed travel soccer teams approximately every year, transferred to three different colleges, and ran across America with a group of people I had never met and we didn’t stay anywhere longer than two days. My family and friends would always comment on how hectic my life seemed and how they simply couldn’t keep up with my ever-evolving life. 

Even though everything seems to be going my way, I feel confused. I have stable but it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel fulfilling. 

I’m starting to question the definition of stable and comfort zones. After examining my past decisions, I think my comfort zone is in being the new girl. I’ve never been afraid of being new or learning new things. My stable wasn’t the traditional stable. My stable was constant growth, constant movement.  

As far as goals, my goal has always been to be the best I could be at whatever I was doing. When you read that it sounds almost like a goal but it’s not. There’s no method of measurement or time limit. Maybe I should call it my philosophy instead of a goal. No matter the title, I feel that the lack of actual goal setting has impacted my ability to decide what my goals are or should be. 

I’m a new person now that I have real choices. I need to learn to let go of my attachments and realize that mentally letting go isn’t the same as leaving. My love will still be there cheering for me whether I’m sitting next to him or on my own doing something amazing. 

Figuring out something without being told that will actually spark my motivation is a huge challenge.
Having mountains of bills scares me. Scares me away from some of the things I think I might enjoy. Money scares me away from trying. 

Learning how other people think and live is the most interesting thing. Looking and thinking outside the box is something I love. Creative solutions, cheap but beautiful. Quirky but always functional. 

Here are some photos from 4K and an engagement photo by Birds of a Feather Photography!



View More:

Thanks for reading!
-Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Cuddle Fish

I’m running across the country!

Yup, I’m running 4000 miles this summer with 4K for Cancer!   I’ll be running with a team of other young adults from around the country from San Francisco, CA to Baltimore, MD.  4K for Cancer is connected with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  The Ulman Cancer Fund supports young adults that are diagnosed with cancer throughout the country.  I’m trying to raise $4500 for this amazing cause.  This is going to be a life changing experience and I can not wait for June to be here!  I’m beyond excited and nervous!

Check out my fundraising page and help support this amazing cause!

Recipe Fool

Ever since I have been home from college I have felt inspired to try new things, especially food!
I have made a few different recipes including zucchini/banana muffins and potato, tomato, and zucchini bake. Note, I’ve never really cooked before so I only made simple things.

The zucchini and banana muffins were delicious! Here are the ingredients. I could add another pinch of cinnamon but they were delicious as is!


Preheat to 350. Cook for 20-25 minutes! I had these muffins for breakfast and I didn’t feel guilty about eating muffins!

The potato, tomato, and zucchini bake is just as simple as it sounds. Just cut up the three ingredients, added a little bit of broth into the bottom of the pan and baked! It was wonderful! Didn’t have much left over.


I’ll have to post later about the spinach and cheese rolls that I made. Mmm!

-Red Fish

Sophomore year complete.

As my sophomore year of college wraps up I can’t believe how much I have grown this school year. I had a serious ankle injury that required surgery in January. Since then I haven’t been able to workout or play sports. I had the chance to look at other parts of my life.

My relationship with Dylan and my family have gotten stronger. I have learned about myself and found an amazing friend in my roommate. I know that we will be friends for a long long time. She has helped me get through hard times, from carrying my food to crying. She is a very strong and loyal person. I’m a different person because of her and I’m going to miss her a lot. Pennsylvania is just too far away. But thankfully summer is only three months long.

My parents, Dylan and I are going to hit it hard this summer. We plan on perfecting our diets and workout routines. We don’t want to be average we want to see change and feel results. I’m really motivated and can not wait to get started. If anyone has any healthy, easy, and relatively inexpensive recipes they would like to share I would really appreciate it.

At least for a few days I’m going to sleep sleep sleep. Be back soon.
Red Fish




College, lots of time and too much money

We have truly been slacking, but not really. We have both been working hard at school and have neglected our Cuddlefish page. Apologizes.

I do have a topic that I would love opinions on. We are both struggling to find the right schools and a way to pay for those schools. I have gone to two universities so far, loved them both but have had to transfer away. My first school I attended didn’t work out because I didn’t have the same lifestyle as the rest of the student body. Currently at my second school I love my roommate, the rest of the student body and I love the facilities. However, the fact that I transferred and the “private” status of this university equates to me no longer being able to afford to attend. I applied for a job on campus that would have provided free housing but was turned down. Other students on campus that applied for kicks got through. Most the students that got turned down really needed the money and many of us are not returning next semester.

I’m having a personal struggle dealing with this outcome. Breaks haven’t come often for me in life. Some tell me that I have the worst luck that they have ever heard of. You be the judge but I’ll tell you, it’s pretty bad.
I’m one of the few that have gotten the chicken pox twice, had to get three root canals in the same day, discovered I had strep and a virus on the first day of college, and broken both wrists at the same time.

I do feel so lucky every day to be with Dylan. He is so perfect for me and can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. He is the sweetest, most patient man I have ever met and I love him so much. I can wait to have his last name. Maybe all my luck was used up by finding him and if that’s the case then I’m okay with it.

I know pushing my college graduation back isn’t going to be the most ideal thing but I’m beginning to realize that all we have is time. I’m going to try my best to just enjoy every minute that I have with my friends and family.

-Red fish


What my PC is Capable of…

I play the game Minecraft on my PC with my friends. Some may know that it is not a graphically intensive game. But a good PC makes the game play so much more enjoyable. Even with just my very basic Nvidia MSI 630 Graphics Card I’m able to get 70 FPS (Frames Per Second). That is more than acceptable conditions for any game.

I plan to upgrade my graphics card to a EVGA 670 FTW Edition soon. I’m thinking I will be able to reach over 100 FPS in Minecraft with that card. With that graphics card, I’ll also be able to play another game I enjoy playing, The War Z, on higher settings. I’m currently playing that game on low setting and only getting 27 FPS on average.

This is a screen shot to show off the render distance I’m able to achieve. I remember when I would play on my mac, my render distance would only be 20 to 30 blocks. Now look at what I’ve moved onto!

-Blue Fish