I drive a 2006 Scion tC. The car has come a long way since I purchased it. For starters, I’ve had two different exhaust setups. I first swapped out the stock axle back for a N1 style axle back. Now I’m currently running a cat back system that swaps out the stock mid pipe and axle back for new, wider piping.

I’ve also changed the stock headlights to 2008 tC headlights. I switched to these because I wanted the projectors for the 6000k HID kits I purchased. I get great visibility along with nice looks, although I could do without other cars flashing me at night. Oh well!

I’ve also just recently tinted my taillights. Not a full on dark tint, but just enough to darken them slightly. Tinting the tails has changed the entire look of the rear.

My most important modification, however, is my coilovers. I was riding on a cheaper brand for over a year called Raceland. They are a really popular brand with VW owners. I couldn’t stand the ride quality of those coilovers. So I just recently picked up a set of BC BR Type Coilovers, Extreme Drop package. These are much better quality coilovers and more importantly, they let me lower the car even more than my previous setup could.

I wasn’t planning on buy the coilovers at the time. I was getting ready to pick up a few new PC parts (That is something I will get more in depth with in another post). My Raceland coilovers failed big time. So I was forced to change my plans slightly.

I’m into stanced cars. For those of you who might not know, that is making a car low with wider wheels (in a nut shell). My ultimate goal is to have my car featured on Canibeat. Go check them out. There are some ridiculous rides over there.

-Blue Fish


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