We have truly been slacking, but not really. We have both been working hard at school and have neglected our Cuddlefish page. Apologizes.

I do have a topic that I would love opinions on. We are both struggling to find the right schools and a way to pay for those schools. I have gone to two universities so far, loved them both but have had to transfer away. My first school I attended didn’t work out because I didn’t have the same lifestyle as the rest of the student body. Currently at my second school I love my roommate, the rest of the student body and I love the facilities. However, the fact that I transferred and the “private” status of this university equates to me no longer being able to afford to attend. I applied for a job on campus that would have provided free housing but was turned down. Other students on campus that applied for kicks got through. Most the students that got turned down really needed the money and many of us are not returning next semester.

I’m having a personal struggle dealing with this outcome. Breaks haven’t come often for me in life. Some tell me that I have the worst luck that they have ever heard of. You be the judge but I’ll tell you, it’s pretty bad.
I’m one of the few that have gotten the chicken pox twice, had to get three root canals in the same day, discovered I had strep and a virus on the first day of college, and broken both wrists at the same time.

I do feel so lucky every day to be with Dylan. He is so perfect for me and can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. He is the sweetest, most patient man I have ever met and I love him so much. I can wait to have his last name. Maybe all my luck was used up by finding him and if that’s the case then I’m okay with it.

I know pushing my college graduation back isn’t going to be the most ideal thing but I’m beginning to realize that all we have is time. I’m going to try my best to just enjoy every minute that I have with my friends and family.

-Red fish



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