As my sophomore year of college wraps up I can’t believe how much I have grown this school year. I had a serious ankle injury that required surgery in January. Since then I haven’t been able to workout or play sports. I had the chance to look at other parts of my life.

My relationship with Dylan and my family have gotten stronger. I have learned about myself and found an amazing friend in my roommate. I know that we will be friends for a long long time. She has helped me get through hard times, from carrying my food to crying. She is a very strong and loyal person. I’m a different person because of her and I’m going to miss her a lot. Pennsylvania is just too far away. But thankfully summer is only three months long.

My parents, Dylan and I are going to hit it hard this summer. We plan on perfecting our diets and workout routines. We don’t want to be average we want to see change and feel results. I’m really motivated and can not wait to get started. If anyone has any healthy, easy, and relatively inexpensive recipes they would like to share I would really appreciate it.

At least for a few days I’m going to sleep sleep sleep. Be back soon.
Red Fish





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