Almost two years ago, we moved in together and realized how expensive food is.  Calling our initial budget a shoe string budget is putting it lightly.  Needless to say we were eating plenty of oatmeal and rice in the beginning and lost more than a few pounds.  Things have vastly improved since then but I’ll never look at oatmeal the same way.

I got graduated in May 2016 with my Bachelors degree!
Some said I’d never be able to find a “real” job with my degree but I did.  Jokes on them for taking classes they thought were boring but somehow still more valuable than my choices.
Not everyone sees the value in a minor but I think minors are a way to explore different paths without the commitment of changing your major.  My double minor made my resume more interesting and was one of the main reasons my bosses noticed my resume in the first place.  They thought it showed my work ethic and depth.

Go Mason!

We got married 0n September 4th, 2016!  It was a perfect day!  The amount of love and support we received from our friends and family was overwhelming and we are forever grateful.

Dylan will be graduating in May 2017 and has already found his dream job.  He’s a Security Engineer AKA a Hacker!  He loves what he does so much that I’m sure he would work for free if he had to.  I’m so happy that he has something that he loves.  His company is a dream come true and they will support his growth in whatever direction he wants to go at the pace of his choosing.

I could never forget to mention that we got a cat and he’s the most perfect feline.  Lovie is his name and he’s a cuddle bug.

I can’t help but share some of our wedding photos.  I’m obsessed!  Our photographers were Birds a Feather Photography and I can’t recommend them enough! 9416View More: for catching up with us!
-Mr. and Mrs. Cuddle Fish


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