I may be a little behind the curve with this post but I wanted to share one of my main New Years resolutions.  No New Clothing. Not a single piece.

Everyone I’ve told immediately displays a look of horror and says “That’ll be impossible. I could never do that!”  When I ask them why, they don’t seem to have an explanation.

Shopping has become more of an activity than anything else.  Bored on a Saturday? Go to the mall and buy a few things that you might wear a handful of times before they get lost in your closet and forgotten.  Nearly every event, people feel this sense of invisible pressure to buy a new outfit because how could you possibly attend a party or event wearing something you’ve worn last year or to a different party last month.  It all seems absurd.  My closet is overflowing and I refuse to utter the words “I have nothing to wear.”

I’ve done some soul searching in the last few months and come to the realization that no one cares what I do or don’t do, what I wear or don’t wear.  While that sounds like a negative thing, I find it empowering.  Once I freed myself from that burden of wanting consistent approval, I went like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I can wear those $4 purple pants that I absolutely love to dinner and guess what, no one cares!  As a matter of fact when I started wearing all of my favorite things out in public I got more compliments than I ever imagined.

I’ve researched capsule wardrobes and while I would love to work within that construct I’m going to give myself some time.  Ease into that process.  Minimalism is the dream in my head but I’m not going to force myself to throw all of my belongs away and sit in an empty apartment.  I’ll work towards it and I think a year of less spending will be a good start.

We only have one life to do everything we want to do so I refuse to waste another second worrying about what other people think of my choices.

I was the Maid of Honor for my beautiful best friend and loved our purple bridesmaid dresses! October 2015
I wore my bridesmaid dress to a friend’s wedding.  I felt so fancy and it fit like a glove! September 2016.

-Mrs. Cuddle Fish


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