Back on track for 2017

Almost two years ago, we moved in together and realized how expensive food is.  Calling our initial budget a shoe string budget is putting it lightly.  Needless to say we were eating plenty of oatmeal and rice in the beginning and lost more than a few pounds.  Things have vastly improved since then but I’ll never look at oatmeal the same way.

I got graduated in May 2016 with my Bachelors degree!
Some said I’d never be able to find a “real” job with my degree but I did.  Jokes on them for taking classes they thought were boring but somehow still more valuable than my choices.
Not everyone sees the value in a minor but I think minors are a way to explore different paths without the commitment of changing your major.  My double minor made my resume more interesting and was one of the main reasons my bosses noticed my resume in the first place.  They thought it showed my work ethic and depth.

Go Mason!

We got married 0n September 4th, 2016!  It was a perfect day!  The amount of love and support we received from our friends and family was overwhelming and we are forever grateful.

Dylan will be graduating in May 2017 and has already found his dream job.  He’s a Security Engineer AKA a Hacker!  He loves what he does so much that I’m sure he would work for free if he had to.  I’m so happy that he has something that he loves.  His company is a dream come true and they will support his growth in whatever direction he wants to go at the pace of his choosing.

I could never forget to mention that we got a cat and he’s the most perfect feline.  Lovie is his name and he’s a cuddle bug.

I can’t help but share some of our wedding photos.  I’m obsessed!  Our photographers were Birds a Feather Photography and I can’t recommend them enough! 9416View More: for catching up with us!
-Mr. and Mrs. Cuddle Fish


I’m running across the country!

Yup, I’m running 4000 miles this summer with 4K for Cancer!   I’ll be running with a team of other young adults from around the country from San Francisco, CA to Baltimore, MD.  4K for Cancer is connected with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  The Ulman Cancer Fund supports young adults that are diagnosed with cancer throughout the country.  I’m trying to raise $4500 for this amazing cause.  This is going to be a life changing experience and I can not wait for June to be here!  I’m beyond excited and nervous!

Check out my fundraising page and help support this amazing cause!

Recipe Fool

Ever since I have been home from college I have felt inspired to try new things, especially food!
I have made a few different recipes including zucchini/banana muffins and potato, tomato, and zucchini bake. Note, I’ve never really cooked before so I only made simple things.

The zucchini and banana muffins were delicious! Here are the ingredients. I could add another pinch of cinnamon but they were delicious as is!


Preheat to 350. Cook for 20-25 minutes! I had these muffins for breakfast and I didn’t feel guilty about eating muffins!

The potato, tomato, and zucchini bake is just as simple as it sounds. Just cut up the three ingredients, added a little bit of broth into the bottom of the pan and baked! It was wonderful! Didn’t have much left over.


I’ll have to post later about the spinach and cheese rolls that I made. Mmm!

-Red Fish

Sophomore year complete.

As my sophomore year of college wraps up I can’t believe how much I have grown this school year. I had a serious ankle injury that required surgery in January. Since then I haven’t been able to workout or play sports. I had the chance to look at other parts of my life.

My relationship with Dylan and my family have gotten stronger. I have learned about myself and found an amazing friend in my roommate. I know that we will be friends for a long long time. She has helped me get through hard times, from carrying my food to crying. She is a very strong and loyal person. I’m a different person because of her and I’m going to miss her a lot. Pennsylvania is just too far away. But thankfully summer is only three months long.

My parents, Dylan and I are going to hit it hard this summer. We plan on perfecting our diets and workout routines. We don’t want to be average we want to see change and feel results. I’m really motivated and can not wait to get started. If anyone has any healthy, easy, and relatively inexpensive recipes they would like to share I would really appreciate it.

At least for a few days I’m going to sleep sleep sleep. Be back soon.
Red Fish




Capitals Scrapbook page


We LOVE the Washington Capitals! It’s been rough not having the season this year. Last year Blue Fish surprised me with tickets to the Capitals playoff game! It was so so much fun! I had to make a great page for it.

I made sure to include the tickets, not only for the picture but to be able to reference the price years from now. The shiny tickets really make the page! I also included a picture of the T-shirts that we bought. Such a great memory!

Happy New Years Cards!

I decided to send out some New Year’s cards this year! I ended up making them all a little different. The white cards have the reddish pattern on the inside. My family put handwritten notes on the insides of the cards.
These cards are pretty small so they fit in tiny envelopes. Small things are so cute!

Hope everyone has a great New Year!! Make sure to write down your new goals and the steps you need to take in order to reach those goals!

New London Olympics scrapbook page!

I just made this page last night and I love it! Hope you like it too!

It’s nice to add current events into a scrapbook so you can remember years from now exactly when the event fit into your life. I don’t have any pictures on this page, just important athletes’ names that competed like Phelps and Bolt. I may add a pictures of Michael Phelps to stare at. haha

I recently received a Cricut as a gift! BEST GIFT EVER! I use it pretty often but don’t think it is 100% necessary to make successful pages. I made a ton of pages without the Cricut and didn’t use the machine for every item on this page.

One I really like to do is use paper things that aren’t normally considered scrapbooking material. Here I used a small envelope as a cute element to add a solid color to the mix.

Let me know what you think and if there are anything I could add to it!

-Red Fish

Real Scrapbooking


One thing I love to do is make scrapbooks. I’ve checked out all the scrapbooking magazines and frankly I think they are ridiculous. They focus so much on the paper with only one photo on a page. I like to fit the max amount of pictures I can on a page. Obviously, if I only have one good picture from the event then I get a little more creative with my paper but if I have three or four that I want to include, I don’t want to use 20 pieces of paper putting them in my book.

I just like to keep scrapbooks about the pictures, not the paper decorations because we can’t all spend $20 per page.

-Red Fish