Life on crutches is rough!


I recently had to get ankle surgery to repair some torn ligaments. So I’ll be in this bad boy for a few weeks. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out some easy ways to get things done. Things like exercising and taking a shower, in a dorm building.

I have found that putting my shower items in a drawstring bag and putting it on my back has been very helpful. Also leg raises with my healthy leg have been okay. Mostly the crutches have been my main source of exercise. They definitely work your ab muscles and hand strength. You can always count on them to help you work up a sweat.

Any suggestions on how to make a few things easier would be much appreciated!!

-Red Fish


Capitals Scrapbook page


We LOVE the Washington Capitals! It’s been rough not having the season this year. Last year Blue Fish surprised me with tickets to the Capitals playoff game! It was so so much fun! I had to make a great page for it.

I made sure to include the tickets, not only for the picture but to be able to reference the price years from now. The shiny tickets really make the page! I also included a picture of the T-shirts that we bought. Such a great memory!

Happy New Years Cards!

I decided to send out some New Year’s cards this year! I ended up making them all a little different. The white cards have the reddish pattern on the inside. My family put handwritten notes on the insides of the cards.
These cards are pretty small so they fit in tiny envelopes. Small things are so cute!

Hope everyone has a great New Year!! Make sure to write down your new goals and the steps you need to take in order to reach those goals!

Custom Gaming Desktop


So another hobby that I have includes PC building/gaming. I build my current system in August of 2012. It has been an awesome system for me. However, it’s time to change things up a little.

I’ll start off with what is currently in my system. My case is a Corsair 300r. I have a love hate relationship with the case. I like the way it looks from the outside, but once you get into the guts of the case, you can start to see why it’s such a cheap case. No rubber grommets for cable management and such. For the motherboard I’m using a Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H. A pretty decent board for first time builders and overclockers. I’ve managed to get my processor clocked to 4.0 GHz with no problems. The processor is an Intel Core i5-3570k which comes clocked at 3.4 GHz out of the box. My RAM is a 4×2 configuration of Corsair Value Memory running at 1600 MHz. For my Graphics Card I’m running MSi GTX 630 currently. Cooling my processor is an Asetck 510LC Cooling System. I’m using a Corsiar Force Series SSD (120 GB) to run my operating system as well as store all my files. Finally powering the system is a Corsiar TX 750 PSU. And my perhipials include a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Edition Keyboard (2013), Razer Naga (2013), Astro A30 headset with mix amp, and a 19 inch Acer monitor.

Now I said it’s time for a change, didn’t I? What I plan to do over time is to first add a new graphics card and monitor setup. I plan on picking up a EVGA GTX 670 FTW Edition graphics card along with a 27 inch monitor. Then after that major change I want to change my case to a Corsair Vengence C70. You can probably tell I like Corsair products. haha. After I change my cae, I want to add a Corsair H100i cooler. The H100i is not compatible with my current case. Also I want to go to a modular power supply when I change cases. I would most likely add the power supply at the same time I add the new case and hold off on the H100i. But who knows.

Possibly before I even change cases though, I need to add a traditional hard drive so I can move all my pictures and music from my laptop to my desktop. I will be going with a WD Green Drive for that (1 TB).

Hope you like my system and come back to see how it progresses. I put a lot of time into making this computer the best I can.

-Blue Fish


New London Olympics scrapbook page!

I just made this page last night and I love it! Hope you like it too!

It’s nice to add current events into a scrapbook so you can remember years from now exactly when the event fit into your life. I don’t have any pictures on this page, just important athletes’ names that competed like Phelps and Bolt. I may add a pictures of Michael Phelps to stare at. haha

I recently received a Cricut as a gift! BEST GIFT EVER! I use it pretty often but don’t think it is 100% necessary to make successful pages. I made a ton of pages without the Cricut and didn’t use the machine for every item on this page.

One I really like to do is use paper things that aren’t normally considered scrapbooking material. Here I used a small envelope as a cute element to add a solid color to the mix.

Let me know what you think and if there are anything I could add to it!

-Red Fish

Real Scrapbooking


One thing I love to do is make scrapbooks. I’ve checked out all the scrapbooking magazines and frankly I think they are ridiculous. They focus so much on the paper with only one photo on a page. I like to fit the max amount of pictures I can on a page. Obviously, if I only have one good picture from the event then I get a little more creative with my paper but if I have three or four that I want to include, I don’t want to use 20 pieces of paper putting them in my book.

I just like to keep scrapbooks about the pictures, not the paper decorations because we can’t all spend $20 per page.

-Red Fish

Just a Typical tC


I drive a 2006 Scion tC. The car has come a long way since I purchased it. For starters, I’ve had two different exhaust setups. I first swapped out the stock axle back for a N1 style axle back. Now I’m currently running a cat back system that swaps out the stock mid pipe and axle back for new, wider piping.

I’ve also changed the stock headlights to 2008 tC headlights. I switched to these because I wanted the projectors for the 6000k HID kits I purchased. I get great visibility along with nice looks, although I could do without other cars flashing me at night. Oh well!

I’ve also just recently tinted my taillights. Not a full on dark tint, but just enough to darken them slightly. Tinting the tails has changed the entire look of the rear.

My most important modification, however, is my coilovers. I was riding on a cheaper brand for over a year called Raceland. They are a really popular brand with VW owners. I couldn’t stand the ride quality of those coilovers. So I just recently picked up a set of BC BR Type Coilovers, Extreme Drop package. These are much better quality coilovers and more importantly, they let me lower the car even more than my previous setup could.

I wasn’t planning on buy the coilovers at the time. I was getting ready to pick up a few new PC parts (That is something I will get more in depth with in another post). My Raceland coilovers failed big time. So I was forced to change my plans slightly.

I’m into stanced cars. For those of you who might not know, that is making a car low with wider wheels (in a nut shell). My ultimate goal is to have my car featured on Canibeat. Go check them out. There are some ridiculous rides over there.

-Blue Fish

Let’s get going!

Cuddlefish is just a pet name for our relationship but we are a very diverse pair! He’s the guy that enjoys working on cars and computers. I’m obsessed with crafts of all kinds. Hopefully our dual interests will be interesting to you as well. ┬áThis site is going to touch on many different thing that interest us. Hope you enjoy!